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My wife, Noy - and me, Doyle at our East Texas Ranch


Hello, my name is Doyle Chambers. I worked this exact same System for a time period of just 1 year with a completely different company...that was over 20 years ago.  Because of my efforts from that one year of working my system, I have been collecting a fat check every single week for the last 20 years from that one company.

All of that money made was a result of the work I did ONE TIME...over 20 years ago. And guess what? I'll continue to receive that weekly income for the rest of my life...and beyond that for my heirs. That is the magic of residual income.

Years ago, we bought our dream ranch in Texas. My wife and I have been content living the good life on our ranch for years. I'd like to help you live the good life that you desire.


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This System took over 20 years to create...and perfect it. You will be completely overwhelmed.
I promise.  I have conquered this
approach like no one else.

Find out how my complete TWO-PART SYSTEM works to make you money.

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"Dragon Slayer Report"


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part one 


The Referral Marketing System


Before you join this business opportunity, you should first
KNOW HOW you are going to promote your business
using my 2-Pronged Referral Marketing System.

The Referral Marketing System has a
2-Pronged Marketing Approach that uses

Postcards or Marketing Letters AND Presell Websites.
These Interacting Marketing Tools AUTOMATICALLY
create Cash In-Advance AND long-term Residual Income.

Prong #1: 

The Postcard or Marketing Letter approach. 

When you join one or more of the Income Builders, I will give you my ready-to-print Postcard and One Page Marketing Letter that has proven to recruit hundreds of people. You can use this Postcard and One Page Marketing Letter to promote any one of the presented Income Builders. That's right! The postcard or letter will work well at recruiting people into any one of the Income Builders.


This special postcard or letter can be printed and mailed to opportunity seeker mailing lists.
I recommend mailing 30 postcards or letters each day.
 Why 30? 
Mailing 30 postcards or letters a day will fit most people's budget and time limitations.


By combining these High-Paying Income Builder programs with a Mail-Order Marketing Approach, we can all CREATE MASS DUPLICATION. The Postcard and One-Page Marketing Letter makes this business workable for people who don't have the technical skills to market their business online.


The Postcard and One-Page Marketing Letter can work to promote any one of the Income Builder programs you decide to join. You simply place Your Own Affiliate Company Website URL Address for the Income Builder at the bottom of the Postcard or One-Page Marketing Letter.


When a prospect receives your Postcard or Letter in the mail, they'll visit Your Affiliate Company Website. Your prospects will join your chosen Income Builder directly under YOU.


IMPORTANT: When you sponsor someone into one or more of the Income Builders, your new associate can use this Postcard or One Page Marketing Letter so they can promote their business. That helps them build their business...and yours too.



Prong #2: 

The Presell Website approach. 

I offer Presell Websites for members on my team.

You can choose to have a Presell Website or not.
The people in your downline can choose to have a Presell website, or not. But someone -- if not You -- will use
the Presell Website to build their business.

After finding your presell website through some type of marketing effort,
your prospects will visit and read your Presell Website. After
choosing to know more about this business, they’ll be directed to
website which can deliver more detailed information.

When your prospects decide to join, they’ll enroll
using your Personal ID Number or Company URL Website Link
(Shown on your Presell Website).

This is completely automated so your only job is to promote your Presell Website using multiple traffic generation methods. I’ll do the rest! Your prospects will email or call my phone number if they have any questions. So you see...there is no need for you to even speak with anyone EVER if you don't want to. I'll do all of the follow up and lead your prospects to join under you. I'm offering you a nearly hands off business.


There are many Online Marketing METHODS for you to use to send UNLIMITED prospects
to your Presell Website.  In fact, you could build your business ENTIRELY ONLINE by using Online Marketing METHODS.



1. Review the INCOME BUILDER programs shown on your Sponsor’s postcard, marketing letter or advertisement. Next - email or call me with your questions.

2. Enroll in one or more Income Builder programs. To join, use the specific Company Website URL Link shown on your Sponsor’s postcard, marketing letter or advertisement. Additionally, you may need to use the Sponsor ID Number found on the postcard, marketing letter or advertisement that you received. After you have joined one or more Income Builder programs, I'll provide you with everything you need to quickly start building your business by mailing postcards or mailing letters or placing ads.

3. You start mailing out postcards or letters to a mailing list of opportunity seekers AND/OR you can place advertisements online or in offline publications.

4. Your prospects will read the postcard or marketing letter or advertisement - and go to my Dragon Slayer Website: . This website shows (in complete detail) how my Dragon Slayer System works to create an on-going residual income. This special website works for YOU!

5. After your prospect has reviewed the complete information on the Dragon Slayer Website, they will call or email me.  I will answer their questions and lead them to join the business. Your prospect will go to the company website (shown on your marketing letter or advertisement) to enroll in the business directly
Under You.

(Remember, this is completely automated so your only job is to mail my postcards or letters - or place advertisements. I’ll do the rest! Your prospects will call my phone number if they have any questions. So you see...there is no need for you to even speak with anyone EVER if you don't want to. I'll do all of the follow up and lead your prospects to join under you. I'm offering you a nearly hands off business.)

6. I will help your new business associates to start building their own business by providing them with the necessary marketing tools -- Ready-to-Print Postcard, One-Page Marketing Letter AND my Referral Marketing System Manual which explains in extreme detail how to build their business quickly and effectively.





Promote only ONE System with ONE Postcard -- and receive residual income from
MULTIPLE MLM companies.

That’s promote the system
using ONE Postcard – and then the system automatically promotes several INCOME
BUILDER businesses
 all at one time.

Consider this -- your prospects will be
ready to join you in multiple MLM companies.
Your income is then MULTIPLIED!

I encourage you to look closely at each
of the Income Builder businesses shown below.

Determine which ones you want to join.
You can join one or more. It’s your choice. 







The Income Builder programs are shown directly on the letter or advertisement that referred you to this website.

Simply visit the Website Addresses that are shown on my associate's letter or advertisement. Thank You!


  Income Builder 1   Income Builder 2  Income Builder 3 Income Builder 4 
Income Builder 5 




Step 1: Explore all of the Income Builder programs (shown above). Join one or more programs.

Step 2: After joining one or more Income Builder programs, email Doyle at:


** Be sure to tell me the "NAME" of the Income Builder program(s) you have joined. I will then email everything you need to start building your Income Builder business.

At ZERO Cost - You Will Receive:

>> The Postcard
>> The One-Page Marketing Letter
>> The Referral Marketing System Manual
>> Current Mailing List Sources
>> The Advertising Toolkit
>> Recommended Printing Source
>> Details for obtaining Presell Website



 part two



The  Affiliate Income System 





Use this built-in Affiliate Income System to generate cashflow from prospects that may never join
your business opportunity!

Your prospects may not be ready to join your business opportunity.
This is the beauty of offering a CASH IN-ADVANCE product.

A CASH IN-ADVANCE offer is simply a
value-packed product offer that is too good to pass up.

Prospects who come to this website are HOT PROSPECTS. If we don't offer them anything right now, they'll cool off. The best approach is to get them to do something you want...which is to buy the Affiliate Income System using your personal ID Number.

Integrating a relevant CASH IN-ADVANCE offer
along with your other business opportunity creates
an additional income stream...with the same prospects.

Even if your prospects NEVER join your business opportunity, you have the chance of generating revenue from them when they purchase the Affiliate Income System...which ends up paying for your marketing expenses!

This CASH IN-ADVANCE offer - the Affiliate Income System - is
carefully integrated to work with my Referral Marketing System.
(*** See This system is engineered
to help generate the most money for you. Your prospects will
be able to buy the Affiliate Income System through your own personal
ID Number. You'll earn commissions on every sale you make.

My experience has proven these two things:

1)  60% of all the people who join an Income Builder opportunity will also buy the Affiliate Income System within two months after their initial enrollment.

2)  On the average, out of 100 prospects that do not join an Income Builder opportunity, 2-4% will purchase the Affiliate Income System within two months of visiting my website.

It's really not hard at all to make an extra $200 a week from sales of the Affiliate Income System.

If you want to jump light-years ahead of your competition by using a marketing system that really increases your cashflow, then order the Affiliate Income System today!

Affiliate Income System 






 An Open Letter from Doyle... 


Why would you spend all the years

and all the money   necessary to learn

how to do what I do -- when you can 

have my talents and experience

working for you?

Why re-invent the wheel when

you can have the best 

wheel-maker working for you?



I labored hard and struggled years ago, learning what to do. You don’t have to go through all that work.

I Will Provide You With A

Powerful Marketing Tool

Designed To Go To Work  

For You Immediately. 

It is tested, proven, refined and

it’s already been working for

over 20 years for the thousands

of people in my organization.

My long track record of success gives me
 credibility that you can "piggyback" on. I have the credibility and you get to take advantage of it every time you use my Marketing Letter. You are not going to get a sponsoring tool or help like mine anywhere else.

I’m letting you use my Postcard and Marketing Letter - and I’m handling the phone calls on your behalf to help you build your business. I’ll personally talk to your prospects to get them to understand how this system works - so they’ll join your growing organization of excited people.

Then, on a regular basis I’ll provide Training Updates 
so you and everyone in your organization can gain more insight and motivation. I will develop a relationship with each committed person and assist them in building their  successful business.

COLD HARD FACTS usually frighten

most  people, however good

business-people soon learn that

skirting  or turning a blind eye on the inevitable winds up costing them time  and money.

For a business to succeed it must have been well 
researched and a business plan formulated. Anything less is sheer folly. By extensive research of the companies, their products and their compensation developing you a 6-Step Business Plan - I have created the fastest way I know how to create growing residual income with a small startup cost.

The FIRST HARD FACT is -- 50% of the people will 
not read this material. Not because they can’t read, it’s because they will simply be too unfocused and distracted by minor things. Procrastinators and dreamers are going 

backwards...slipping further and further behind.

The SECOND HARD FACT is -- another 15% will 
read everything and create excuses in their mind why they can’t do this or that without even trying. That’s like saying you don’t like caviar - without ever having tasted it.

The THIRD HARD FACT is -- another 15% will read 
everything and still persist in doing things their way, even if the truth and their past failures are overwhelming against them. Or, maybe they have become lazy with indecision and the inability to act. Or, maybe they have become comfortable with the way things are and they 

want to stay where they’re at.

The FOURTH HARD FACT is -- only about 20%
 of the people will make the effort to thoroughly read this material. Those 20% will read every word 2 or 3 times. They will get their pencil out, and they will become believers. They will understand that I am not asking them to do anything that I’m not doing.

They are going to decide it’s better to follow a successful 
businessman with a track record of over 20 successful years doing the same thing. They will decide to follow my guidance rather than a friend with a Hot Deal and no money.


That 20% who takes action to join me, and  follows through -- will soon become financially independent.



Those are the cold hard facts. 




It's a 24/7 Sales Machine that Turns EVERYTHING You Do into a Cash Flow Center.





Join my team today.


If you have questions or concerns - then give me a call.


When you call me, you won't get a sales pitch - I'll just answer your questions. I'm not a high-pressure or hard sell type person. My approach to you will be to simply answer your questions and let you decide for yourself. I know that the best people convince themselves rather than letting other people convince them. So I'll let you do all the work.


Let nothing - absolutely nothing, interfere
with immediate action. A change for the better justifies no delay. Don’t watch others make money which you can make.


Be up and doing now. Some other time may be too late. Place your order and complete the application this very minute. Take the action now - which means more money next month, and then Independence next year. Your moment of truth comes when you act.


So act now.


Most Sincerely,


    Phone: 972-635-9407


tractor pic


My wife and I live in nice home on our East Texas ranch with rolling pastures and big oak trees. Thanks to this business we have the free time to live the good life. Join us...and you'll live the good life too!

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Understand that my entire system feeds on itself and grows because incentives to make more money are built right into it. When people see how much experience I have as a marketer, they will quickly follow in your footsteps behind you and join several of the Income Builder businesses directly under you. You can benefit the most by joining multiple Income Builder programs PLUS the Free Postage Stamp System. This is "effective" marketing for everyone.



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It took years to find these Old Success Books. You get them all for FREE.


great success book 1

great success book 2

great success book 3

great success book 4

great success book 5











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